About us

We are pleased to invite you to the beautiful gallery-house “Djurkovi”, built in the beginning of the last century. Its architectural beauty and art are woven into an exquisite embrace that is a delight to everyone.

The house is a cultural monument of an ensemble importance and it is located at the very beginning of the Old Town  in Plovdiv. The building has been renovated with great care. The conditions of life in a house from the early years of the 20th century can be found preserved in the gallery. The interior reveals the magnificence of vintage furniture, so the spirit of the time can be fully felt.

The carpets are handmade, crafted by the talented women of Kostandovo village. The women also weave for courts and residencies around the world.

This house is a home to a painting collection. The permanent exhibition in “Djurkovi” Gallery includes works by over 100 artists from the mid-19c. to the present day.

“Djurkovi” Gallery is suitable for both individual and group visits.

For more information, you could reach us via email: djurkovigallery@gmail.com,  Facebook, or via the phone: +359 879 29 39 27.

Entrance fee:
Regular: 10.00 lv
Students and pensioners: 5.00 lv

Have a wonderful journey in the world of art and architecture from the beginning of the 20th c. in Plovdiv!